03.may.18. Performing the poem Llamado / Acción Fértil in collaboration with Lázaro Valiente. Materials: Drums, water, plastic carboy, candles. Neón, curated by Tilsa Otta. Entresuelo, Galería Los 14, Colonia San Rafael, Mexico City. 

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25.april.18. Performing the poem Llamado / Acción Fértil in collaboration with Lázaro Valiente. Materials: Drums, water, candle, plastic carboy. Gabinete Salvaje, Casa Tajín, Colonia Narvarte, Mexico City.

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03.march.18. Vortex #2 (Rotations on Resistance). Performing the instruction-poems Rotations on Resistance in collaboration with Lázaro Valiente. Materials: Canvas, charcoal, paper, HD video projection, wind instruments, drums. Festival ENCLAVE 2018 Poéticas Visuales. Centro Cultural de España, Centro Histórico, Mexico City. Thanks to Rocío Cerón and Abraham Chavelas.

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01.march.18. Vortex #1 (or the impossibility of representing circular movement). Performance based on the instruction-poems Rotations on Resistance. Materials: HD video projection, charcoals, canvas. Performance at Talismán de Motolinia, Festival ENCLAVE 2018 Poéticas Visuales, Centro Histórico, Mexico City. Thanks to Emiliano Vázquez Massimini.

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14.sept.17 Hurakán (from the etymology hun (one) akán (leg) 'on one leg'). Materials: trumpet, water, HD video projection. Performance with Luna Montenegro and Adrian Fisher aka mmmmm at Simulacra Experimental Performance and Poetry, Bandini, Espacio Cultural, Bucarelli 69, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City. 


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