intervals fos tissue chants.jpg

Intervals for tissue chants, 2019

Site-specific sound installation with 12 independent sound pieces by poets from Mexico and UK. Installed at Chalton St & Phoenix Rd, London.

In collaboration with:

Rodrigo Castillo, Rocío Cerón, Zazil Collins, Xel-Ha López, Lucía Hinojosa, Christopher Rey-Pérez (MX) Helen Frosi, Montenegrofisher, Nell Perry, Juha Virtanen, Katherine E. Bash, Antony John (UK)

12 poets rewrite, erase, and reinterpret fragments of the Mexican and British national anthems. Every hour the piece is activated, functioning as an alarm, where a fragment of an anti-anthem is heard, threaded through each interval with another anti-anthem. Thinking about migration/territory, memory/earth and today’s phenomenon of migrations in Latin America and Europe, the piece destroys the idea of homeland.