Palabras clave de lucha diaria, 2017 Dirt, mp3, headphones and audio on loop. Voice: Elena Juárez

A text focused on yogic breathing exercises for meditation was translated from Sanskrit, to Spanish, to Tzeltal. Some years ago I was working at Enlace NGO in Chiapas and I met Elena Juárez, a bilingual human rights activist from Sibacjá, an indigenous community near Ocosingo. We became friends and had long conversations about the differences between the written and the oral history of languages, the agency and resistance of orality as an archive.

Breath and oral resonance are the points of departure for this piece. Elena named it, palabras clave de lucha diaria, the“key words for everyday struggle.”

Llegó la hora was a group exhibition at Espectro Electromagnético in Mexico City, organized during Mexico’s 2017-18 electoral race in support of the candidacy of the Concejo Indígena de Gobierno (CIG) and her leader Marichuy, a Nahua healer and human rights activist who competed as an independent presidential candidate.