cámara crema / nueva, 2014- 2015. Installation, time-based work.Suitcases, film, water. 

These suitcases belonged to my father for many years. He stored his cameras inside. One of the suitcases was labeled cámara crema (creme camera), and the other nueva (new). I had these suitcases in my studio for some time as I started working with the idea of memory and erosion. I decided to place film-slides of family images in cámara crema and pour water over them every day for a year. The water began to transform into the images, absorbing their colors and smells. Once all images slowly became part of the water, I decided that the transparent slides belonged in the other suitcase, the one labeled nueva.

cámara crema0_2015.JPG
cámara crema2_2015.JPG
cámara crema1_2015.JPG
cámara crema3_2015.JPG
cámara crema4_2015.JPG

Permutaciones, 2015. Books, yarn. Dimensions variable.



Jornada, 2015. Books and concrete. Dimensions variable.


Erosión 1 (Pedro Páramo), 2015. Book, yarn.

erosion lucia h.jpg

Erosión 2, 2015. Book, string.

Lucia Hinojosa_experimentos hielo y memoria.jpg

Untitled, 2015. Film and ice.

Lucia Hinojosa_memoria1.jpg

Untitled, 2015. Eroded film slide, glue, plastic box.

experimentos caida lucia hinojosa.JPG
Experimentos Caida Lucia Hinojosa.JPG
experimentos caida lucia hinojosa.JPG
experimento caida.JPG

Experimentos de caída, 2014. Intervened books with yesso, glued, falling on stairs.

sin titulo_2014_luciahinojosa.jpg

Untitled, 2014. Marble, book, yarn. Dimensions variable.

sun set up_luciahinojosa 2014.jpg

sun-set-up, 2014. Marble, intervened book. Dimensions variable.

mythus_lucia hinojosa.jpg

_mythus_, 2014. String, cast of foot, marble. Dimensions variable.