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diSONARE is a bilingual editorial project from Mexico City founded in 2013, focusing on hybrid art processes in the intersection between poetry and art, as well as translations, fiction and nonfiction experimental works. We print one issue per year with a specific theme, carefully curated, trying to link collective ideas through diverse artistic investigations.

We’re a nonprofit project run by a small editorial group. Apart from our editorial work, we organize readings and performances in Mexico and abroad, and we’re working on a sound archive that has grown through the years. Our sixth issue focused on the materiality of sound, and our new issue, diSONARE 07 explores the genre of interviews, dialogues and conversations. Buró-Buró distributes our printed matter in Mexico and Latin America in museums, art spaces, and universities. You can also order this issue and past issues here.

diSONARE is born out of the concept of dissonance, referencing the complexities that feed art and writing in their diverse genres and practices.

for more info    www.disonare.com

for more info www.disonare.com

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